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I was recently thinking of something that happened a few years ago. I am a painter, as in art, not houses (if you dont include the mural work that I do), and a client bought a very large framed watercolor from one of my art openings.

About 6 months later he contacted me, telling me his apartment was robbed.

The following things were NOT stolen:

  • his stereo
  • his tv and dvd player
  • his computer
  • brand new $2000 bike

But he was robbed of the following things:

  • the drain strainer from the kitchen sink
  • stash of condoms
  • down comforter
  • electric toothbrush
  • ladle
  • bedroom curtains

….and finally, on their way out, the robbers grabbed my painting off the wall.

Somewhere out there, someone has a stolen piece of artwork of mine. Kind of creepy. Kind of cool.


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