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Pretending to Vote

I have always had a hard time standing up for myself and what I believed in. I suppose this is a preface to another blog entry, which might be a few weeks.

Part of my problem was that I wasn’t quite sure what I believed in, because I was always told what to believe or think or do. I allowed myself to be manipulated, intimidated, and hit when I decided to think for myself. WHO WAS I?

Towards the end of my marriage, when I was deciding that I had had enough of that, it was voting time. My husband came home from work and instructed me to walk down to the elementary school and place my vote for president, vice president, etc. And then he slipped me a little piece of paper, like he did every time it was voting time, with the his votes, as if giving me “answers” on a cheat sheet for tests. Can you frickin’ believe it?

I was pissed off at him for attempting to control this, among other things, I walked down to that voting machine and used his little cheat sheet and voted the absolute opposite of what he wished for…just because I could. I was stickin’ it to him. I didnt tell him I did that, perhaps it would have made me stronger to stand up to him and tell him to shove his list up his hairy ass. I moved out two months later instead.


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