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Upon seeing a tampon, something my kids have been seeing around the bathroom their whole lives, once a month, like clockwork, my 6 year old, Red, asks me today “Mommy, WHY exactly do you need that stick thing?”

“Because when girls get grown up, they need Tampons.” I say, vaguely. I’ve avoided telling her about the bleeding part because the THOUGHT of blood to either of my kids results in hyperventilating, shrieking, clawing at my trunk to climb up to my shoulders and wrap their arms around me and sob into my neck (snot and saliva and tears running down into my shirt) and never let go. (and be used as a stall tactic at bedtime)

My 4 year old, Blue, goes “What is that thing?” because although she has seen them, she hasn’t really ever paid attention or asked…and I certainly haven’t struck up a conversation with her about it.

The funny thing is, her whole life, my 6 year old has not missed a beat. I remember a few years ago, when she was 3, getting out of the shower, with my tampon in, and her standing there staring at me and then crouching down and turning her head upside down to try and look up in between my legs because she thought she saw a “tail”.

And that would be my tampon string.

So there you go.

Because now, years later, she feels so knowledgeable about it, she felt she needed to explain it to her little sister.

Red: See, when you grow boobies, you get to use Tamp-a-pons. Tamp-a-pons go into the mommy’s vagina and it stays there, but just for a week. And because we are little girls, we never put anything in our vaginas.

Blue: Oh. Okay.

Red: And boys don’t use Tamp-a-pons because they have penises.

Blue walks away and asks to watch Scooby Doo.


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