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1) give them french bread to eat when they are really hungry (ever tried cutting the crust off french bread baquette?)
2) When you catch them sneaking candy, hide behind the door and jump out and say “BOO!”
3) When they are in the bath and one starts screaming “MOMMY COME QUICK YOU HAVE TO COME QUICK! and you run there thinking someone is drowning and the older one says “Blue peed in the bath!” and then you just shrug and walk away and let them sit in their pee water.
4) throw a miniature size Baby Ruth candy bar in the bath when they aren’t looking and gasp “WHO POOPED IN THE TUB?” and watch them scramble out
5) give them 99 cent chocolate from Walgreen’s instead of the usual Lindt chocolate they are used to and make them think that chocolate is suddenly “bad”
6) take out hearing aids and pretend you can’t hear a thing when they are asking for dessert and serve them spinach instead. “OOOOH! I THOUGHT YOU ASKED FOR SPINACH!!!”
7) Tell them Curly, Mo and Larry will show up and scold them if they don’t stay in bed
8) Pretend the television is broken around noon on a rainy Saturday (oh wait, is that worse for the kids or for Mommy?)
9) Get them dressed, fed and walk them to school on a Saturday morning and then wonder in amazement where everyone is when you reach the schoolyard
10)I’m sure I will think of more.

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