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Having been raised as a Christian Scientist, I lived in this little sheltered Christian Science world. I had very little education in terms of other religions until the last few years when I decided for a variety of reasons that I no longer wanted to attempt to practice it, call myself one, or go to church, or read anything related to the religion.

A few years ago, before I had my children, I was working in Boston at a large financial institution. I recall one day taking the train into the city and noticing a lady with a smudge of something on her face. And then, again, some guy walked by me on the street with dirt up near his hairline. And then at Starbucks later that day, with a co-worker/friend, as we stood in line with many other people I noticed had DIRTY FACES, I said (probably too loudly) to my friend, “What is up with all these people with dirt all over their faces?”

He looked at me and burst out laughing.


And I was like “ooooooooooooh!”

And today, when I was walking around the mall, I was reminded of this.

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