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How Were People Made?

Before school the other day, Blue asked,

“How were people made?
Did God glue our bones together?
Or did he use “duck” tape?”

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Nearly every Wednesday, Exhusband drives up to my house and picks the kids up and takes them out for dinner and then brings them back for bedtime. For the first year of this, he would take them to ONE place and ONE place only. Friendly’s. Granted, they have food our picky children will eat, but still….doesn’t that get a little boring???

I started making suggestions of some pizza places the kids love, a fish place down the street. I have to mention that I LIVE IN A PLACE WHERE FISH IS NOT LACKING.

Blue, the little one, loves fish. Red, the 6 year old, will eat chicken. That’s it. Her only meat is chicken.

So, they finally started venturing out to this place down the road that has a mixture of things for everyone, fish included.

The other night, the girls came home from their dinner and I smelled fish on the little one.

“What did YOU have for dinner tonight?” I asked.

She looked me square in the face with the cutest smile, stretched her arms out wide and yelled “I ATE-AH SQUID!!! And SQUID IS MADE OUTTA AN OCTOPUS!”

She was thrilled.

So, my child had squid for dinner. Granted, it was FRIED, but still. She ate squid.

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