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This morning, Blue was asking me “what’s inside our skin?”

I answered “blood and bones and stuff”. (maybe not a good move) and then she sputters, “bone? like skeletons? There are bones inside of me?”

“Yes” I say.

With wide eyes, she cries, “You mean, we ARE skeletons????”

She’s wandering around now, muttering “skeletons, skeletons, skeletons…”

I have to tell someone right now so I am telling you that I can’t believe I am sitting here shrinking a digital photo of Exhusband and cutting it into a little heart to put into Red’s locket that she has been pleading me to do…so now, he and I are about to be “together forever” in her little heart locket.

I’d like to barf.

It’s all for the kids, it’s all for the kids. (I keep reminding myself)


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Happy Pokey

The other day I heard the kids in their room singing:

“And you do the Happy Pokey, and you turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about!!!!!!….” (clap clap)

I don’t have the heart to tell them they’ve got the words wrong.


Red was doing some writing in a tablet and wrote out her dad’s home address.

“Red, how did you know your dad’s address?” I asked.

She replied “Because that’s what he tells THEM when he orders a pizza!”


the other night, Red was really stalling at bedtime. I was getting upset because she came out for the third time and it was nearing 8:30. The last and final time she called me, I went upstairs and she kept saying “there’s something on my bum that really hurts!” and started crying. So I turned on the light and pulled her pants down and yes, there on her bum was something that probably hurt.

“It’s a zit,” I said.

“A ZIT!!!!!!????” she yelled.

“Yes, a zit. If you don’t touch it, it won’t hurt and it will go away.”

At this point she is freaking out and sobbing and cries out “WHAT’S A ZIT???”

And I calmly say “It’s a pimple.”

This made her cry even harder.

“A PIMPLE!!! I HAVE A PIMPLE ON MY BUM! What’s a pimple?”

Short of pulling down my pants and showing her the pimple/zit on MY butt, it took me a few minutes to brush it off and get her calmed down before heading back downstairs to where Chef was waiting, our movie on pause on the television.

Oh, the drama. I wonder what will happen when one ends up on her face.


Blue: Mommy, I know EXACTLY what’s up my nose!!

Me: What’s that?


Me: How did you know there was hair up there?

Blue: Because in The Magic School bus, the bus went up Ms. Frizzle’s nose and the bus was flying through boogers and hair!

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