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…walking in on your four year old moonwalking in her socks on the hardwood floor “like Blake on American Idol.”

…your six year old greeting you after Kindergarten and letting you know “my bum hurts, it feels like a wood chip (think, playground, if you have kids) is in my underwear” and realizing when getting home and putting her in the bath, it wasn’t a wood chip. She just needs to wipe better.

…your four year old refusing to give up her money for the collection at Sunday School.

…two little girls with cute little voices, screaming at each other over who gets to use the potty first before bedtime and then digging their fingernails into each other’s arms and then two minutes later, they are in their room playing “school”, happily, lovingly, without conflict.

…I was wondering, how come, in the yummy Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix from Target, do they have to ruin it with GODDAMN raisins?

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A few months ago, I was watching Oprah with my 4 year old and Bon Jovi was a guest. Blue stared, transfixed, as he sang “Who says you can’t go home”. She stared, and then transferred her gaze to me and asked, as if in a trance “Is he a boy or a girl?” Because his hair was on the longer side. This is something that has constantly confused my children….a guy with long hair…or even just a “hair do” other than the usual “guy” cut.

I am a few days overdue in posting about American Idol…not that I’ve ever posted on it before, but I feel inclined this week…because of Jon Bon Jovi.

I’ve always loved Jon Bon Jovi. I’ve even enjoyed him in a few cheesy movies. And I find my first thought when I see him is “GREAT TEETH” (and I am not afraid to say it either) and then the next is “Blaze of Glory” playing in my head as I blasted it on my old fashioned stereo when I was a kid.

Bon Jovi is the epitome of my days at the beach playing volleyball and surfing, summer camp dances, and wearing my headphones in my room while doing homework.

Due to passing along (naturally) the love for Jon Bon Jovi to my young children, I have been forced to download more of his music and in the car, the little one pipes up “BON JO-B-IE!!!” and I have to scramble to find it in the 5 disk cd player.

When we watched American Idol off the Tivo last night, and we discovered it was Bon Jovi night, the girls stopped spitting lugies at each other, they stopped fighting over the Strawberry Shortcake sticker that one of them got three months ago at the doctor’s office, they put away the Sharpie permanent marker that was dangerously close to my living room couch.

And they watched every moment of the Jon Bon Jovi American Idol.

Fortunately for me, I had taped both nights and we watched them on Thursday. So after going through an entire first hour without a performance by him, I quickly flipped to the second hour/results show, fast forwarded until we saw him on stage and proceeded to watch him perform “(You Want To) Make a Memory”. Four times. Ah, the power of “rewind”.

But the finale for the night was at bedtime when Blue, the enchanted one, says to me, “Mommy, What’s Bon Jo-b-ie’s name?”

I replied “Jon”.

“But what’s his last name?” she asks.

“Bon Jovi” I say.

“But is his middle name ‘Bon’?” she questions further.

“I think Bon Jovi is his whole last name.” (me making a big wild guess)

“But if Jon is his first name and Bon Jo-bie is his last, what do you think his middle name is?”

I shrug. “Maybe he doesn’t have one.”

She thinks for a bit and then smiles. “I know, we could give him a middle name!”

“Okay,” I say, getting her tucked in for bed. “What middle name would you give him?”

She points to me and says “We could give him “Good Teef” as his middle name! Jon Good Teef Bon Jo-b-ie!”

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