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It felt like Fall the other day and instead of going to the beach one last time before the girls headed to their dad’s for a week’s vacation, we headed out to a craft fair.I’d really like to go for a trail run in some nearby woods, but that will have to wait until this week when I am not towing the two around in a 150 lb double wide stroller (I kid you not…people, if you are in the market for a double stroller, make sure it is LIGHT…unlike mine).

The running has been going well. I am fairly consistent and the foot isn’t giving me any trouble. My cardio is building up better than I expected, probably because it isn’t the dead of winter and I don’t have the lung issue to deal with at the same time, ease into the breathing, but I still have trouble with the hills. Especially the UP hills. Especially when pushing that double wide stroller (with kids). I know, it’s stupid. Pushing that thing. But it is the only way I can get a workout in when the kids are with me. If I had a spouse, I could get up at 5 and get my run in while everyone is sleeping. Now I have to wait until they are 13 and legally can stay alone. Or I could get married.

Or not.

Anyway, the other day felt like Fall and we headed to the craft fair.

It was our last day before the girls went away for a week with their dad and the day after they get back home with me, school starts.

I have to say, I am not quite ready for the changing of the seasons, other than THE SCHOOL SEASON. I am ready for some structure and for the kids to get some stimulation that I just don’t have in me anymore…summer is ending, as I feel I am too. I could use some time other than 8pm-midnight, where I can work in my studio uninterrupted (and without guilt).

So, we went to the craft fair and it was gorgeous and very windy and the vendors in their tents were holding on to their tent frames for dear life, whilst trying to make a sale. Especially the hand painted mirror tent. And the wood inlaid mirror tent. (lots of mirrors at this place) and especially at the tide clock tent.

Upon entering the fair, it was near lunch time so I thought I would buy the girls some lunch. I somehow ended up behind about a dozen three hundred pound tourists, in line for the fried dough.

I started to rethink my decision.

But then I looked at my darling girls’ faces waiting in the stroller. We only do this once a year.

When it was my turn, I ordered three. Fried Dough makes my day, I have to say. There was no way I was sharing mine, so I bought us each one. Twelve dollars worth of fried dough.

One for each of us.

Have you ever had a fried dough?

Much like peanut butter and fluff sandwiches (grilled is the best), I had no idea about this stuff until I moved to New England.

And then an hour later, we were hungry again so we got some ice cream for dessert.

I’ll be needing to stay on this workout schedule now, for sure. 

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