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I feel outrage

…because after I paid a $30 copay for a third EpiPen for my 4 year old with severe reactions to tree nuts, and handed it to BASTARDEXHUSBAND to keep with him at all time, when he takes the girls to his house in Maine (where she had her most recent reaction), when he goes to his parent’s house for dinner every Sunday night when there is GOD KNOWS WHAT kind of food with whatever nut, in it, lying around… he looked at me blankly and kept repeating “I don’t get it, what’s this for? WHAT am I supposed to do with it?”

There is a reason I left him.

I will take him to court if my daughter has an allergic reaction when she is in his care and he doesn’t stab her with the EpiPen.

I am fucking serious.

It always bothered me that when the girls had ear infections when they were younger and he would return the girls to me on Mondays and their medicine was no lower in the bottle than when I gave it to him, with them, on the previous Friday. It bothers me that I hear on a Sunday night on the phone with my girls (my girls telling me, not their dad), that they were throwing up and sick…but he never bothered to call and tell me.

I am so fucking mad right now.

He held the EpiPen box, with all the information on how to use it, including the “trainer”…and he goes “I don’t get it, what do I do with it? We should just pray about this.”


Yeah, I am upset.

So I tell him “you should have this with you, especially when you are out of town, I keep mine in my handbag and the school will have one for her in case something happens there.”

And then I proceeded to demonstrate with the “trainer” EXACTLY how it works. I pretended to stab myself in the leg. I show him the clear directions on the outside of the cylinder.

Three steps, That’s all.

Take safety cap off. Stab in leg. Wait ten seconds.

And he says, “Well, I’m praying enough for both of us, so we’ll never have to use this.”

And I am saying to myself “Yeah, asshole. Let’s hope God’s taking care of our little girl, and takes your hand if she has an allergic reaction and stabs her properly in the leg and then drives you both to the emergency room.”


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