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You may have noticed that I graduated from rated PG to rated R on my blog. Because I called Ex husband a “Bastard” and used the word “fucking” a few times in the same post.

Well…he is…and it was warranted, I think. I am still angry. The girls are with him this weekend and it was harder than usual to let them go.

Anyway, he is also a complete moron…I actually had to scan and email part of our divorce agreement this afternoon where it says ” must give 30 days notice for needing to swap custodial weekends”….because I have a flight to NYC in a few weeks to visit a high school friend…and he just told me he had to swap weekends…the last time he did this, I was going back to California to visit my family, and I lost a $400 ticket, to keep my kids on his weekend. OF COURSE I will take the children when he can’t…but please, I’ve got a plane ticket here…anyway, in the agreement is that if there isn’t 30 days notice (which could still screw me at some point with a booked trip), and he has to make a switch that I can’t “cover”…he is responsible for finding care for the girls. Which kills me. It fucking kills me to know they aren’t with me or with him. They are with someone OTHER than a parent. So I think I will probably be forgoing the NYC trip. If they stay with their grandparents, I feel okay. Anyone else…um, no.

The thing is, I am discovering that when he finds out of any sort of plan I have, ANY sort of plan…he tends to reschedule and be late and such…and my plans tend to either get canceled or delayed. So now, I say nothing. Nothing like “Hey, I’m going out of town” or “My mom is picking the girls up for me because I will be getting in on a flight a little later that day”…he picks up on the change of plans that I make…making my own arrangements for the girls, and then jerks me around.

Anyway, my intention is to make it to NYC to see my friend who moved there recently from back home…we used to surf before school and change our clothes on the side of Pacific Coast Highway under towels before being constantly late for school. I somehow graduated and made it to college in the end.

From here on out, this post is rated G…other than the side comment that the photo at the top here is meant for a cute thing re: my children…but it also can pertain to where I wish Ex husband would stick his head.

And flush.


We are transitioning better after school, now that we are a week into it. I find myself both frustrated but laughing at some of what goes on in our house. I’ve taken some notes:

Me: Red, could you please come and wipe up the drip on the toilet seat please? And flush your poop?

Red: It wasn’t me!!!

Blue (piping up in the background): IT REALLY wasn’t me!

Me: RED, please take care of the toilet!

Red: I’m tellin’ ya, IT WASN’T ME!!! WHY DO YOU THINK IT IS ALWAYS ME!!!??

Me: Because YOU are the only one who drips on the seat and refuses to flush after you poop!

Red (stomping with a devilish grin): aaaaaawwww….aw-lllllll-right!


At bedtime:

Red: Mommy, can you leave the shades up just a little bit so we can see out?

Me: You’re supposed to be going to sleep, not “seeing out”.

Red: But how about just a little bit? Just a little bit so we can see out?

Me: No.

Blue: But we want to look out and see what’s going on out there!

Me: No, you’re not supposed to see “what’s going on out there”. You’re supposed to be GOING TO SLEEP.

Red and Blue in unison: PLEASE let us see outside!


(You’d think I had them chained to the bed!)


Upon having the television banned for the afternoon:

Red: How come we can’t just watch one show?

Me: Because you were spitting on your sister and she was throwing wet toilet paper at the wall

Blue: I was throwing it at the wall because SHE was spitting at me!!

Me: (huh?) Well, stop doing it. You both need to settle down.

Red: Weeeelll….we WILL settle down if you turn on the TV! The TV will settle us down!

Me: (in my head, only) True. But I ain’t giving in, no matter how painful it is for me…


After the kids went to bed tonight, I was cleaning some things up and came across a piece of paper with Red’s writing…it said “I love it when Mommy is happy”.


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