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Mondays are Hard

I don’t wear a bra on Mondays. Or brush my hair. Or wear deodorant.

I creep out of  bed around 5:15 am and get myself into whatever clothes I can find (sometimes inside out and sometimes my shirt is on backwards) and feel my way out in grogginess.

Every other weekend, the girls are with their dad, but they stay until Monday morning before school. Due to the ridiculous time change of school beginning at 7:40 am, I get up at 5:15 and get myself dressed and in the car and drive nearly an hour (depending on traffic) to pick them up at their dad’s at a 6:45 am. And then drive them back too school, by 7:40 when the bell rings.

I also have to mention that on the “off” weekends, I still drive on Monday mornings to get them because they have a Sunday night overnight with him. So this is “my every Monday morning”.

I have a few things to say:

1) I curse that I agreed to this arrangement, back when the kids were little and I could pick them up at 9 because they weren’t in school yet. Without legal council (and money) it will not change because Ex husband would never agree to it.
2)I curse that even after a night or weekend without my children, I feel I hardly have the patience to deal with their meltdowns as they transition back to me.
3) I rejoice in that Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are all on my route and open at 5:30 am.
4) I am grateful the only job I have to commute to is my Monday mornings to gather my children.
5) I am glad the girls live with me most of the time. It is worth the early morning Monday drives to get them back.

and finally:

The worst is that the kids are always in transition on Mondays. When it isn’t summer or a holiday, they get picked up and driven directly to school for the day. And they never want to leave me. And then when they come home at the end of the day, all they seem to do is fight and whine and complain and don’t eat and don’t sleep, at least until Tuesday.

Monday nights, I need to go to sleep around 8, just to recuperate.

Sorry for all the whining, but it IS Monday.

The good things is, by Tuesday, we’re usually “good”.


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