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Today is the day.

Seven years ago, Red, my first child was born. She was due January 1st, but came a few weeks early. So we got that tax write off for that year. Tonight, my mother is hosting her birthday dinner with Blue, myself and a friend of the family who we haven’t seen in a while. I don’t have to do a frickin’ thing. For the first time in months, I am not the one doing it all. I just show up. My mother is even making the cake. Oh wait, I have to bring some hummus for the cut up veggies. Eaaasy.

After dropping the kids off at school this morning, I will drive south towards Boston and stop at Starbucks half way there, the closest Starbucks to where I live (in some places, they are on every corner, in others, they are non-existent). There, I will buy a HUGE peppermint latte and some biscotti and sit with some magazines that are accumulating in my house and read and indulge a little.

Around 11 I will continue on South to my doctor’s office and have another colposcopy, which would be the pap smear that never ends…and all that womanly stuff. I don’t particularly want to talk about it at the moment but felt I needed to mention it, since it is happening today.

I am not sure how I will feel, but the last time the bleeding afterwards was annoying and the cramping was not my favorite thing for a few days. I am stocked up on Advil and a heating pad is ready.

The other day, my sister called in the morning. I had dropped off Blue and Red at their respective schools and went home for the morning. For the first time in a while, I had nothing I needed to do (except maybe clean, but I have been spot cleaning for the last two weeks and will do a thorough cleaning next week after the tree gets thrown out the door and the decorations get packed away…I’ll even do baseboards. I’ll even get down on my hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor. But not the other day, when I had nothing else I felt I HAD to do.

So, my sister called and she says “Did I get you in the middle of something?”

And I said, “I’m just sitting here drinking my cappuccino, watching “Without a Trace” off the Tivo and browsing the newspaper.”

And she laughed and said, “if only more people would do that sort of thing!”

I can’t wait for January.

I mean, I have to prepare my taxes, start the new paintings that I have in my head and work on a greater marketing plan of a product I designed (and sell to retailers and yacht clubs)…but at least my holiday work is done, birthdays and holiday festivities are over, the house will be clean…but the chaos of December will be over.

And I can spend a morning on occasion, doing jack shit.

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It is, you know.

All about the soup and bread. Which is what we ate all weekend. Soup and bread. I made a big pot of Minestrone for Sunday but before that, we had the good old fashioned Campbell’s Chicken Noodle from the can. You know, the kind where you add a can of water to the pot. And then We had chicken tortilla at the ass cold barn event. And of course, I had some of my homemade honey wheat bread. We bought some rosemary bread. We bought some garlic bread sticks.

It was all about the soup and bread this weekend.

I agreed for the kids to take last Friday off to go to New Hampshire for a long weekend with their dad.

Thursday evening I was going to drive them down 45 minutes to his house near Boston. But word was, a big storm was coming and it was going to hit at the height of our commute.

Now, I’ve done that before. So I called Ex husband and said “I can bring them when Red gets out of school (it was a half day for parent teacher conferences) at noon, or you can come get them in your Tahoe either today or tomorrow.”

Miraculously, he arranged for his mother to spend the afternoon with the girls at her house (which they LOVE) and was expecting us at noon.

At 12:30, on my way home, the snow started. It usually takes just 40 minutes to get home, but two hours later, I arrived at my front door. After sliding off the road on the rotary and winding up the grass. My all-wheel drive lesbian car pulled through for me and I was able to get back out on the road safely. It was at that time I really didn’t mind that I am a very heterosexual woman, driving what is known to be a lesbian car.Once home, it took me a while to decide if I would then go back to Steam’s house, which had been the original plan for the night. He was still working (from home) and I knew that if either one of us drove at night, we were likely to not make it. So I crept back out and an hour later (usually 20 minutes) arrived at his door. I had to stop twice to get the ice off my windshield, a disappointment in the LLBean “all weather” package that supposedly was supposed to prevent that.

Yet, I admit, it is possible there is a button I am supposed to push for that and I am not sure I know where it is. So maybe it was “operator error”.

When I got home, I discovered the driveway plowed by the neighbor’s ex husband…she shares our driveway and they are on good enough terms where he will come plow her out. Yet I came home to no access to any doors to my condo. I am not sure what the downstairs neighbors were doing but they certainly hadn’t walked out their door.

I spent two hours shoveling us all out.

Now, because no one (except me) tends to shovel their walkways (what’s with that?) we are safer walking to school in the middle of the street. No kidding. MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

Due to the storm that hit on Sunday, beginning as hours of white fluffy snow and then turning to rain and freezing…everything is ice. Snow ice. Ice sheets on my car. Ice on my driveway. Ice everywhere. My snot turns to ice every time I walk out the door.

Yeah, I am doing some California dreamin’ right about now. I hear it is FRIGID there, according to my family…a whopping 52! They are all shivering in Southern California right now. Poor poor souls. Come East and try that out, folks!

As I was saying, it is all about the soup and bread.

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