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I dropped the sewing machine on my foot last night. The bruise is huge and despite that, I was still able to take a run this morning. I could still wear my cute new flip flops.

I fell down the stairs this morning, a flight of three stairs that lead to my mailbox. I was sending out my Netflix envelope and slipped and kind of caught myself…with my ribs, that is, on the railing. That bruise is pretty darn sexy. I am trying to remember NOT to use the salt scrub in the shower because that just does not feel good on the open wounds on my wrists (no, not THAT silly) from scraping them on the gravel when I did a sommersault on the dirt driveway.

By the way, do you ever wonder what people are watching on Netflix? That tiny sealed envelope with no indication of what someone has rented? Chick Flicks? Horror? Foreign? Can one rent PORN on Netflix? Hmmm, I haven’t seen that category but it would be funny. I am hilariously happy to admit that I am currently watching every episode of “Sex in the City” and am midway through season two. Yes, I missed it all the first time when I was caught up in religion and not having sex or drinking booze. Now, I am in a great place to receive all that is has to offer.

Recently, I broke up with a man I thought could be the one. But we still talk and I have seen him from time to time. You know. That sort of thing. So I guess in theory it isn’t completely over, something’s hanging on (and no, it isn’t just the sex).  We’re both kind of working out our stuff and come together and go out and spend time together and talk on the phone and see how we feel. Talk about going at it one day at a time.

Clumsiness and lack of trust got me to where I am today. I regret not listening to the clenching in my heart or the anxiety in my breathing. Not listening was the clumsy part. Not trusting my capability or worthiness still follows me around, even now.

Aren’t we always stepping over the junk? I am. In some way, shape or form, I am.

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