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Calling things off

So yeah, I called things off. A few times. I walked out at midnight one night when he got mad that I went up to bed at midnight instead of stayed on the couch with him to watch the end of a very bad movie. He came upstairs and started yelling at me. I got out of bed and packed my bag and walked out and sat in my car for half an hour. I would have driven away but I’d been drinking and didn’t feel it was smart. Had I been completely sober, I would have been able to go home and shut the door. Instead, I went back inside where he sat crying, apologizing. He has never hit me but he has the behavior of an abuser. Verbally abusing. Name calling. Pointing fingers. Crying. Manipulating. And the cycle kept going on and on.

My midnight departure that night was 5 months ago. I called things off about 5 times since them.

The last time I did, we were apart and didn’t talk for 2 weeks. We emailed. And then we talked. And then we saw each other again.

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