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I was driving a well traveled back road on the island towards home with my girls in the back seat, and I came upon a red sports car with four people crammed in it driving about ten miles an hour. It was one lane so I slowed down and went around them, noticing the young girl, she looked like a highschooler, walking with her hood up and facing forward and walking with a stoic expression on her face, hands in her pockets, paying no mind to the highschoolers in the car. They were laughing at her and yelling out the window.

I went around them and kept driving and then suddenly pulled over, made a u-turn and went back to where they were. I pulled up along side them and rolled my window down and the girl looked at me and I said “Hey, are you okay?” And she gave me a little nod. I wouldnt let it go “Are you sure?” And she nodded again, never breaking pace or expression.

The kids in the car (old enough to know better) looked out at me and our windows were nearly side by side and I yelled “HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE!” and then sped off. I drove back up and made another uturn to return home, the whole 3 mile road to town, made sure I didn’t see the red car again. Because if I had seen them return, I would have called the cops, whether she said she was okay or not.

Call it meddling but I only hope that someone would do the same for one of my daughters, tomorrow or years from now if they find themselves in a situation that lends themselves to experiencing disrespect, danger, insecurity, low self esteem.


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