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Flowers for the table

I was at my friend’s house and hanging out on his back porch for a bit this morning.

“D” lives just down the road and his garden is amazing.

I drink it in whenever I am there or drive or walk by, before coming home to the two potted plants in front of the door of my condominium on the corner of the square.

Honestly, if i had a garden, it would all be dead. Just merely for lack of remembering to water.

Was it three days since I last watered those plants?

DARNIT, I thought it was this morning.

No wonder they are dead.

Story of me and my life as a gardener.

So, I was visiting “D” and I took him some scones to have with his coffee and when I left he said “Wait, I will get you some flowers to take home from my garden!”

So I took an armload home and put them in a vase and have been enjoying them.

I even remembered to put water in the vase.

When Blue came home from preschool she noted the flowers.

“What kind are those?” she asked.

“Peonies”, I replied.

She started to laugh and blurted “PANTIES???? PANTIES????!!! HA!”

Me: “No, PEONIES!”

We walked up to the elementary school to get her sister and she yelled out in front of the crowd of parents “Mommy put some PANTIES in a vase and has them on the kitchen counter! They are BEAUTIFUL!”


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