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I love hot drinks.

Lattes. Coffee. Espresso. Cappuccino. Hot chocolate. Chai Latte. Tea.

In college I “boiled” hot water by running it through my coffee machine to make hot chocolate in the winter. That was nasty but it kind of worked. Hey, I was 19 and inexperienced.

When I was married, I bought a teapot. It had a bamboo handle.

Now, I tell you, why would you make a teapot that goes on TOP of a stove (possibly one with an open flame) with a WOODEN handle?


So yes, before I knew it, the handle was scorched and the house almost burned down.

I stopped drinking tea because we never bought another one until we moved two years later into another house. I had one kid out and one half way baked and I went to William’s Sonoma and bought the most beautiful teapot ever.

And then two years later, I moved out and we got divorced and he kept the teapot.

He hated tea. He hated coffee. He hated hot drinks in general.

But he kept the teapot because he “needs to boil water for jello.” And this was because he was on the Atkins Diet. Jello, I say.

So, when I moved in with my mother, I boiled water in a pan. I didn’t need a teapot. It was kinda like camping.

And when I moved out and bought my own place after the divorce was final, I bought a $15 teapot from the grocery store. It was cute. It was cheap. It was blue.

The paint chipped and it started to rust.

I threw it away and bought a $35 stainless steel one from a gourmet shop nearby.

It promptly rusted (stainless steel?) and I was unable to clean it. And then, as usual, I forgot it was boiling and didn’t hear it whistling so I promptly melted the entire handle. Which was attached to the little flap on the spout. So the damn teapot stopped working.

I placed an order with Crate and Barrel recently. I bought what the British use. An electric tea kettle. Before it arrived in the mail, I started to have buyer’s remorse because it was nearly $60.

But one night, before it arrived, I wanted tea. So I boiled water in a pan. Which I forgot about. I boiled out the water and started to smell “burning of pan”.

And so I threw it out and decided it was going to be a well spent $60.

An electric kettle shuts off automatically when the water is boiled.

I am slow to learn sometimes.

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