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(this is my front hallway, kind of randomly posted here, sort of related to this post, sort of not. I live on the top two floors of an old building that was newly renovated when I bought it. So I go in that door down the stairs to get to the street…and on the street, I live on a little square…I can cross the street and jump in the marina if I want! But I don’t…more photos at the end)Now, on to the post:When I first moved here, I was dating The Chef who lived an hour away. So, I spent alot of time going back and forth and trying to maximize our time together in order to actually HAVE a relationship.An old friend who knows us both said to me over the summer “I am concerned that you moved up there to the beach and because you commute back and forth to see each other, you aren’t making friends of your own in your new town.”

She was right. I knew some moms from the preschool and Kindergarten, yet once we picked our kids up for the day or the play dates were over, the friendship kind of ended when they went back to their husbands and families. It was very hard to make any sort of close friend. Yet, I felt that I had that in Chef, he was my one and only close friend.

Due to the long distance factor though, I found myself more alone, which isn’t a bad thing, once my kids were in bed and even at times that they were with their dad for vacations. I pretty much lost all my friends from “pre-divorce” since they came from my exhusband’s singlehood. I had no friend to call if I wanted to just chat. I mean, really. No one.

When I bought my condo at the beach here two years ago in March, there was still one unit for sale and it has remained on the market until this month when it sold to a nice family.

I can certainly say that I have benefited from the unit not being sold in a timely fashion. The two guys who I bought my place from, renovated this old 1800s building and created a beautiful, spotless, brand new-renovated environment that has never felt more like home to me, especially after the year or so previous that I had endured going through the divorce and camping out on my mom’s couch every night.

Because the unit was empty and there were still little details being done around the place, these two guys, who I will call D and C, came around on occasion and when we saw them, they would come up and visit and I would usually feed them or at least make them a pot of coffee. I connected with C, the older one first. He’s not only attractive and funny and intelligent, but he can do anything that involves fixing things, building things, running a business, or know the ins and outs of computers. What most sums him up is that he is always totally present when he is around.

His little brother, D, (who is still older than me) lives a few blocks away and although I figured it out on my own, he recently shared with me that he is gay. Although I knew, and had confirmed with a mutual friend before inviting him over one night for dinner (to keep things appropriate for both of us) he was telling me a story and then interjected “you know I’m gay, right?”. My response was “Yeah, I asked Kathy to be sure.” D got a good laugh at that.

At any rate, although I closed on the condo nearly a year ago, D and C would come around and see something that needed fixing or ask how such and such was working and if it appeared I needed help, they would do just that. Of course, I then in return shoved much much food at them which they gratefully inhaled. They have kind of been like guardians to me. Knowing D was just down the street has given me an odd sense of comfort. Knowing his older brother is around and always equally present, gives me a different sense of comfort.

Not long after, D brought a woman by to meet me, a good friend of his who ends up living up the street. I realize that my friends now all happen to be single, without family and realize that I am becoming closest with those who come around and call and have a family within their friends.

I feel less alone lately when my door is closed and the house is quiet. I don’t rely on people to make me feel better for any reason but I am certainly grateful and loving my friends nearby who happened to fall and flow into my little life here.

This is kind of a boring post about something I am wholeheartedly grateful for that has developed more and more as the weeks and months wear on here, but I wanted to start a post about it because I will be writing some great posts regarding my friends and my life with them in it.

Chef had no problem that I was friends with them, but one night, he asked if D might be bisexual and that was why he was hanging out with me because he might want some lovin’ from the “other side”.

I don’t think so.

And now, pictures of my house that they made:

Main foyer which meshes into my living room (notice my prized painting that I did in college)

My kitchen. Notice my priced red Kitchen Aid Mixer.

My living room, which overlooks the square and the marina across the street.

Bedroom. I love my bed. My mom and I made that quilt together from an old Brazilian hand embroidered table cloth my grandmother left me.

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