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My Car Type

I was listening to “Car Talk” on the radio recently and the discussion was about the different kinds of cars for different kinds of people.

You know, like the minivan for the family of 5.
The Mini Cooper for the yuppies in Seattle (or wherever).
The pickup truck for the manly man.

And then, suddenly, my Subaru Outback Wagon (LL Bean) apparently is, get this….a lesbian car. Lesbians seem to like Subaru Outback wagons. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

But still.

I’m not a lesbian.

And I don’t want people to think I am one.

Because I like guys.

Very much.

I told “D” this and he looks at me and says “Do you think my car is a ‘gay guy’ car?”

I think on it. (because he IS gay)

A silver Passat 4 door? Um. Sure. Yeah. Especially since it borders the “powder blue” side of silver.


So the other day, I get a call from “D”.

“I was wondering if you were out and about this morning and drove by my house? OR WAS THAT JUST A LESBIAN??!”

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