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I love glue and tape.

I have all kinds here in my studio. I fix stuff with it.

Depending on the problem, depends on the adhesive.


That’s it for me, handbags, glue and tape.

But if you get Gorilla Glue in your hair and don’t realize it until it has expanded and dried, well, let’s hope you look good in a short haircut.

Good thing my hair is kind of on the shorter side, because people, this morning I was fixing some shoes with some Gorilla Glue. And then packed up the beach bag and cooler and shuffled the kids out the door to the beach.

I didn’t realize it until 8 hours later…6 hours were spent on the beach, mostly in the sun (we do have an umbrella) with Gorilla Glue baking into my hair. The last two hours were spent here at home in front of a fan, blowing at the Gorilla Glue in my hair.

I was sitting here, running my fingers through my newly washed hair hair, thinking about writing a new post about how today was such an awesome day at the beach, slushies and all.

And I found myself pulling out dried clumps of Gorilla Glue with my fingers.

The final stage, I had to cut out.

I’m now going with the layered look.

And no, there will be no photos.


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