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I have seen this meme around and love it because it delves us into ourselves. How well we know ourselves. I have done this with the highest mode of honesty possible. If you do it, let me know, I like reading people’s responses to the same questions. Oh, and don’t feel like it has to be done in one sitting. It took me a week to write this.

I am: Stronger than I think.

I think: I know how I feel at any given moment.

I know: to trust my instinct, even if I don’t act on it.

I want: to raise my girls to be strong and kind and down to earth, respectable, honest, and real.

I have: A home I love. Children I love. Work that I love.

I wish: I could always remain calm.

I hate: when men color their hair.

I miss: My flat stomach and thin thighs.

I fear: that my children will one day not need or want me.

I feel: Inspired every day creatively with my children, friends, home and work.

I hear: different things, depending on if I have my hearing aids on or not

I smell: fish sticks at 6am because I live near a fish plant.

I crave: really really good Mexican food.

I search: the internet sometimes to see if Byron Page from highs chool was ever found. I randomly saw him on a missing person’s tv show back in the 90s. I didn’t know him very well but he sat behind me in high school English class.

I wonder: if someone will ever come into my studio and buy it all. or at least, most of it.

I regret: not trying harder in school

I love: sleeping next to a man who likes to touch

I ache: to feel safe, always

I am not: unorganized

I believe: in love, believe it or not

I dance: Almost every day with my children in the kitchen, sometimes in our pajamas.

I sing: Every night to my children

I cry: when I tell someone how I feel, because I am scared they will judge me or tell me I am wrong to feel that way.

I don’t always: know how I feel.

I fight: when I am sure my feelings won’t change.

I write: daily

I win: when I am expressing my true self

I lose: when I feel resentful.

I never: go to sleep before ten

I always: shower daily, if not twice a day

I confuse: “affect” and “effect”

I listen: poorly to my children sometimes

I can usually be found: being a mom or working in my studio

I am scared: when I love someone who doesn’t love me back

I need: to get out of the house more often

I am happy: with people who think I am funny and support who I am. And receive the support I give them.

I imagine: the price of gas will have to go down at some point, eh? (yes, that is the correlation between this meme and the image at top. You were wondering, weren’t you?)

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