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Bad, Bad Food

I love fried dough.

I love pouring powdered sugar all over the fried dough.

Eating it on a windy day, is just not sexy.

I was with D and his date and our friend Kat the other night at a small town waterfront carnival.

There are assuringly unsafe rides administered by sketchy carnies with sketchy tats and no teeth.

Seriously. All of them.

Believe me, I looked.

But D’s date took it all in stride. He wanted us to meet the guy and I have to say, in the few years of hanging with D, I have never met one of his dates.

Possibly because they have never turned into a relationship, but this one, he liked this guy. Kat and I did too.

I liked him because he was the only one that would go on the scary ride at the fair with me.

And he was the only one that would eat fried dough.

I called D up this morning and said “I LIKE THIS ONE!”

When we all just had too much carnival, we trooped into a local place and washed it all down with beer and wine. (I had beer, my friends had wine).

I’m just saying…fried dough, washed down with beer…


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Some of My Favorite Things

Oprah does it, why can’t I?

Except, you’ll be able to afford the stuff on my list!

1. Dansko Clogs

Okay, I lied. Some of these things are on the pricier side.

But Dansko clogs will last a lifetime. I just bought my first pair last year. They were cheapest at Zappos.com. Then I found a pair of Spring ones on sale at my local shoe store for $30!

2. Cuisenart Coffee Maker

The old Braun from the ol’ wedding registry finally broke down. This “Brew Central” I got on sale for $60 (from the original $79) and THEN I had one of those annoying coupons that come weekly in the mail from Bed Bath and Beyond that I always forget to take with me. And I ended up with a $50 coffee maker that makes the best 12 cups of coffee. I believe the french press or percolator is the best cup of coffee, but this does the deed for me when brewing an entire pot. It comes out hot and stays hot without tasting burned.

3. Glass Ring

I couldn’t find my exact ring anywhere online but I found these are similar. I got mine at our local Aveda Salon and it was on sale for $40. I wore it to an event recently where there was alot of clapping. And my hand and finger are now slightly bruised.

4. Carr’s Ginger Lemon Cremes

I eat them for breakfast sometimes. They are pricey but Trader Joe’s sells them for a fraction of the price. And then Costco, you can buy 4 boxes in a pack for even cheaper. I can’t stop eating them. I have to ration them and hide them so no visitors can eat them. Thankfully the kids don’t like them.

5. Archer Farms Monster Mix from Target.

I resolved the raisin issue. Now I just pick through them and throw them in the trash can underneath my desk when I am working. (because I have the bag at my studio desk). I know, it is a waste and there are starving children everywhere…but I can’t stand raisins. They ruin the mix. I like them only in oatmeal cookies. ONLY, I am saying, in OATMEAL cookies. Not in Monster Mix, amidst peanuts, chocolate chips, m&m’s, and peanut butter chips. I mean really. RAISINS DO NOT GO.

6. Nuvaring (yes, I am posting my birth control)

The best birth control ever. For me anyway. I love it. I don’t gain weight. I don’t have cramps. I barely bleed. I don’t get pregnant. Enough said. I love it. Only have to think about it once a month.

7. Green Tea Mints

Love these. They are strange but yummy. Take some getting used to. I love the container. I love that they are the shapes of green leaves. Like tea, but a mint. They ain’t quite the Altoid, which can cure the whole garlic hummus breath thing, but these are fun and yummy and will hide something subtle like milk.

8. Arches Watercolor Blocks

We have a wholesale art store near me which is where I usually buy these, but when I am lazy in the winter, I often will order these online at Dick Blick’s.

9. Lucky Fish T

They are hard to find. A store sells them one print/design at a time here in our town and they are about $65 or more a piece. Recently, I got one on sale for $35. Printed individually by a woman in Brooklyn. Unique and really cute.

10. Lotte Klaver

This just speaks for itself.

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