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  • Tomorrow I am picking my kids up after not seeing them for ten days. They were on their first one week vacation with their dad for summer. Another one will follow mid-August. I got SO much done. AND had fun.
  • I think fire works are overrated unless you are watching with children or a love. Considering I have yet to spend a July 4th with my children or a love, well, fireworks have either not been a part of my night or they just don’t excite me.
  • Saturday night, I sang for the third time this summer in our local piano bar
  • Yes, I said “sang”. With the piano player playing.
  • Scallops are funny things but love them grilled
  • I’ve had at least one drink every day for the last ten days. Some days it was a beer. A few days it was Bloody Marys on the beach. Wine with D at his house before dinner one night. Gin and tonics with the ladies drinking at my house. Now that my girls are coming home, drinking is banished. Until they go again.
  • I’ve realized that even when my children are not with me, I still wake up at 6am
  • I am bartering artwork for guitar lessons from the piano player at the local piano bar.
  • I suck at the guitar so far
  • I am making peppermint icecream and chocolate sauce for D this week as he is home in between jobs.
  • I spent the week before and weekend of 4th of July with people I love.

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