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My Little Artist

Blue drew this for me last night. In fact, she drew two of them. One for me. One for her father. She’ll be giving his to him tonight when he takes them to dinner.

She pointed out the ears to me as she was drawing. She was proud of the “bear” face and the feet and legs and paws. She thoughtfully looked up at me while she was drawing this and said “I think I will put in a belly button.”

And then she smiled mischievously and whispered “I’m gonna put in boobies on the bear.”

This was harmless. Not appropriate for somewhere like school, but hey, it’s summer vacation.

Next thing I know, she is giggling and pressing her hand over her mouth, her eyes twinkling…she had included a “bum” (a bubble butt over to the left) as well as “a tail”.

As for the tail, well, I happened to have my hearing aids in at the moment she leaned in to her older sister’s ear and whispered “I drew a penis on the bear but told Mommy it was a tail!”

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