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A hazard of living alone, is being stuck in a dress.

It seems my boobs have grown or my back fat got fatter or something.

Or maybe it’s my ass pushing up towards my back. (what’s better, a fat ass or back fat?)

It’s all that sitting around and drinking in the summer and eating chocolate and fringe fruit on the beach.

And then I go home alone with no one to help me un-stick my zipper.

I find myself stuck and consider two things.

1) sleeping in dress until the morning when I can get my neighbor downstairs to do it for me.

2) cut myself out of the damn dress.


Bras are good for the most part.

They push me up.

Keep me from going down.

Keep things together.

Give a little cleavage.

Some padding for the cold days.

But going for a steady hour long walk in the summer, pushing my 5 year old in a stroller that is too small for her (but I swear, I will cram her in there as long as I can just to get a good walk with her every now and then) and wearing a bra, is just way way sweaty.

On the way home yesterday from our 4 miler, the sweaty bra kept riding up.

And then we ran into a fellow artist on the street. And I wondered if it had ridden all the way up to my neck. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and just pulled at it to get it adjusted.

To “get myself out of an embarrassing situation”, because it was obvious that I was “adjusting myself”, I blurted out “this damn bra keeps riding up on me”.

Thankfully he laughed.

Yeah, I’m a wiz at making things less embarrassing like that. Huh.


Since I am on the topic.

I hate wedgies.

note: yeah, I wish that were me in the photo. but I Googled “push-up bra” and got that.

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