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I found this Crazy Eights meme and lifted it off of someone else’s blog. (with my own answers of course). It helps on a day where I feel a bit worked over by my work and want to write but can’t keep my head straight.

Eight Things I Have A Passion For:
1. Red and Blue
2. Kindness and understanding, peace and love
3. Painting
4. My home
5. The ocean. I must be near the ocean.
6. Writing
7. Walking. And walking. And walking.
8. Music. It helps me focus and feel.

Eight Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die:
1. Camp on the coast of Spain for a month and paint
2. if I am too old to camp, stay for a month in a hotel on the coast of Spain and paint
3. really wholeheartedly learn to relax and not worry
4. be able to let go of past shit so it doesn’t affect something really good when it come my way. Or at least so I can make better judgment to see if I am missing something really good. Or making a bad decision.
5. Get the last bit of my tattoo removed.
6. Live near my sister
7. Paint more. Feel direction in my work. Make something amazing.
8. Write something amazing. That one amazing piece.

Eight Things I Say A Lot:
1. HEY! STOP THAT! (to the kids, not a lover. I don’t have a lover)
2. I love you.
3. Uh yeah, um, NO.
4. Wicked (from Boston)
5. Come and snuggle
6. Why would you do that?
7. I think I may have forgotten my deodorant today. Do I smell?
8. I’m really tired.

Eight Books I Have Read Recently:
1. Seeing Me Naked
2. Art and Fear
3. Cricket in Times Square
4. Organizing from the Inside Out
5. Living Out Loud
6.It’s All in the Frijoles
7. The Portable Emerson
8. The Invitation

Eight Movies I Have Seen Eight Times:
1. Once
2. Love, Actually
3. Princess Bride
4. Popeye (with Robin Williams)
5. The Sound of Music
6. Annie
7. Where the Red Fern Grows
8. Cinderella

Eight things you don’t know about me:

1. I am afraid of the dark when I am in the woods
2. My favorite meal is grilled cheese on sourdough with Grey Poupon
3. Some days, when the girls are in school and it is rainy or snowy, I will set aside house chores and work and make a cappuccino and watch tv for a few hours. This happens about once every few months. And I am not afraid to admit it
4. When I was 21, I slept with a real cowboy.
5. My close friend in high school, who is now a boxing trainer in Los Angeles, defended me in high school from a guy who was harassing me on campus every day. He beat the crap out of him. It is the only time anyone ever defended me after being slapped in the face. It’s the only time anyone ever had the opportunity to defend me.
6. I have never smoked pot. Or done any drugs.
7. I like drunk sex as much as I like sober sex. They each have their own place and time. I find that they can both be as intimate as each other.
8. Since we’re on the subject, sex during the day is my favorite, the kind where after, you can lie around for hours and talk and laugh in bed before finally going out for a meal. I love that. It hasn’t happened in a really really long time.

Wow, this went downhill fast, didn’t it?


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