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Do we need to call the…

Red (age seven, sounds like age 3 on Mondays) had been having a difficult morning, crying as if she were stabbed by a villain. Screaming at her sister over a red marker when we were coloring. Throwing herself to the floor because she couldn’t get her water bottle open.

I got her settled in her room for some alone time with a timer. An hour seems to be just long enough. And often the girls choose to stay alone in their room for longer because they realize the need and want the time alone. This time, she voluntarily stayed in her room for an hour and a half. She even reset the timer herself. Kids sometimes know better what they need.

Blue, on the other hand, appeared to be completely stable today. She calmly had colored, cut fabric, eaten her lunch, flushed the toilet, without a big scene.

While Red was in her room, Blue turned to me and said “Mommy, I am not fussy today, do you know why?”

Me: I am really grateful, thank you, Blue. Why is that?

Blue: Because I did it all at Daddy’s last night! I even had a time out!

Me: So, you got it out of your system, I see.

Blue: Yip!

Today I felt like my head was going to blow off because trying to be firm, yet sensitive, was a challenge. Especially when the air outside was remotely familiar to mid-summer humidity on the Mississippi River and my pits were sweating, my legs were chafing and I had intense cravings for things that I don’t have in my cupboards. In particular, really really good lemonade.

While we were at a “spy themed” birthday party up the road for some twins we know, a storm rolled through. Something blew through here mid-day and the humidity dropped and the cool breeze that I remember from the last three summers since I moved here, has come through.

And the little ones in the house are calm now and I wonder if it is because they have hit a wall or if it is from the relief of the heat and humidity. They have a good time running through the house and wiping the windowsills after a storm. And the coolness settles them down. As it does for me.

Shortly before bed, there was a small discussion I overheard between the two.

Red: I need to find my Barbie, the one with the earrings. YOU know, where is it?

And then she started to cry. And then she cried louder. And then she started yelling at Blue “where is it, where is it, oh my, where is it! My “earring-ed” Barbie is gone!”

And Blue said in a calm voice, “I’m not sure, did you look under your covers?”

Red continued to cry and fuss and whine and scream.

Blue responds: Do we need to call the “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mbulance?”

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