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A little while ago, we got out some shells from our big basket to paint on a rainy day and the girls spent about three hours painstakingly painting each one and naming them and setting them out to dry.

When the shells were done, I brought out some old matte board from my studio to let them paint and I thought I would be getting back some sweet girlie paintings of flowers and a portrait of our house or bugs, the usual.

And they did some.

But then, the girls decided they wanted to sell shells out on the sidewalk.

Red made her sign.

And then Blue “one-upped” her in making her sign.

Fortunately, they decided they didn’t want to sell them after all and I was secretly glad, not wanting neighbors or friends to feel obligated in paying this for a single shell.

One shell for alot more than the amount of one gallon of gas.

Plus tip.

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Oh Man(hattan)

It happened.

After a year and a half of a consulting project up in the air in Manhattan, one that D wanted with a passion, one that was dangled in front of him and then shut down because the big ass company kept putting a hold on it, he got hired.

He flies to NYC on the 4th.

My friend is off. He’s kinda leaving me here, the security of a friend who has been ’round for a long time because he’s been working from home, just down the street.

After a year and a half of two projects he hated, except for the one where he could work from home in his boxers, despite the job being BORING, he gets to fly to NYC every Sunday night and come home every Thursday night and be kickin’ around for the weekend.

The best of both worlds.

I get him part time now instead of full time.

You can bet your bottom dollar I will be going to visit. He’ll get his bearings and then he’ll stay for a weekend instead of coming home and I’ll go and we’ll do the city.

We’ve been planning.

I will go when the weather gets cooler.

Summer in NYC…is cause for a stink. I imagine the city is stinkier and I imagine I would be stinkier.

I’d like to go stand in front of “The Today Show”, smelling nice, and be “found”…for what? I have no idea. I just want someone to “find” me, so I can get myself a heated barn to paint in.

And not worry so much about the cash flow.

Hmmm, what would make them “find” me? Maybe for my mouth. Maybe for the new haircut I plan on getting soon. Maybe they will say “she must have some good art, let’s buy it all and have a show at the museum.”

Or not.

Maybe someone could just come by, find me and hand me a wad of lots of cash and then be on their way.

Yeah, that is the best scenario.

D and I decided long ago I would go visit and stay with him at his “free place”. Especially when I confirmed with him that I was comfortable staying in the same hotel room with him, because he was safe.

Gay is safe, for a girl to stay with a guy.

I like safe.

He laughed and then I was worried I’d offended him. And his response was “well, it’s true!”

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