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Hello, Summer?

A week ago I was complaining about the humidity and high heat.

Three weeks ago I was complaining about the afternoon thunderstorms, the kind where the lifeguards blow their whistles and instruct everyone to leave the beach.

This week, “I’d like summer back, please?”

I don’t mind a rain storm once in a while but my GOD, a whole week of it?

On Tuesday, I took the kids to see “Chimps in Space”. When we went to the counter to pay for the tickets, I ordered three tickets to “Chipmunks in Space” and the pimply kid working the desk just stared at me and said “We don’t have that movie here”.

Chipmunks. Chimpanzees. What’s the difference?

My kids had a good time correcting me loudly in front of the line that was behind us.

Anyway, that day was “anything goes” day.

We ate Junior Mints and Sour Patch kids at 11am, before lunch, in the movie theater.

My living room looks like a hurricane has hit because that is where the kids have been living for the most part during rainstorms and tantrums, my own meltdowns result in “let’s see what’s on the television”.

As a single mom…okay, as any mom, we sometimes do what we gotta do, right?

I’ll confess, my girls went to bed in t-shirts and sweatpants the other night. The next morning they were still wearing them. And they wore them out all day and into the evening when I had to peel them off and soak them in OXY before running the wash cycle.

And when their dad called last night, he asked them what they had for dinner and they both piped up into the phone “SNACKS AND ICE CREAM! WE HAD SNACKS AND ICE CREAM FOR DINNER!”

Which is sort of true. Starting at 4pm, we had snacks. And then a banana. And then some cucumbers and carrots and hummus. And then some Frito’s. More snacks. And then we had the ice cream. We ate it all standing up. Sitting on the front stoop. And on the couch. I believe Red may have eaten her Frito’s while looking out the bathroom window during one of the thunder and lightning storms.

Before I get comments on what a horrible thing that is to teach the kids, this sort of dinnertime habit, let me just add that I KNOW all you moms out there get tired of cooking a dinner that the kids won’t eat, plates that you pick off of because after making their meal, you certainly don’t want to make your own.

I’ve actually found myself eating the remainder of cold soggy grilled cheese crusts from their plates…and drinking warm Go-Gurt and calling it “dinner”.

So, what’s wrong with grazing every now and then? They ate it all. It was somewhat balanced. And there was no whining.

Back to the weather…of course, we alter our plans because we actually BELIEVE the weatherman.

What do you use to find your weather forecast? Is there ANYTHING that is remotely close to being accurate at least a day in advance?

I suppose that is kind of like life in general, eh?

Today we headed to a small beach down the road at 9am, the sun was sorta shining.

We were the only ones on the beach except the lifeguards.

And then a few hours later, it started to pour.

As I gathered up our stuff and ran the girls to the car, I was thinking “It’s not even lunch time, how long can I stretch the bubble bath today? An hour? Two?”

I got about 45 minutes out of it.

And I was cursing the weatherman for being right for once.

Tomorrow at 5 I drop the girls off with their dad for the weekend.

I am not ashamed to say that I can’t wait. I mean, they come back Monday and I’ll have their cute little faces in mine for two weeks straight after that.

I need a breather. I need to take a walk with my iPod and not with two little girls, asking if we can step on the slugs, stop at the variety store for cheap quarter priced toys from the vending machine, or go home after just a 5 minute venture down the block. I need to read a book, sleep, work, watch grown up television, or at least something that isn’t in cartoon form.

I need to eat an adult meal and talk on the phone without any interruption.

Masturbation is not out of the question.


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