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Tidbits of Red and Blue

8:00pm: Bedtime. I say goodnight to the girls and walk out of their room.

8:10pm: Red shows up at my desk and scares the shit out of me because I am working with my iPod plugged in to my ears.

Red: Mommy, I’ve been trying to fall asleep FOR HOURS but I just can’t. Can I watch some tv and have some Pirate Booty?

Apparently she is going to extremes on the stall tactics.


My legs were apparently a bit dry the other day. The girls started to do some etching.


I got a call from the nurse’s office at my 7 year old’s school back in May. Apparently, she needed a new set of clothes. A boy hammed it up and she laughed so hard, she peed in her pants. When I got there, she was still laughing. You know, that uncontrollable laughter that has you spitting out your food and blowing snot out your nose? Yes, that was my child. The good thing is that it is out of the ordinary for Red to be like this so the teachers thought it was endearing. But I let her know she needs to try and keep it short next time. And pee before she goes into her classroom, just in case.


Blue seems to think that standing in front of the television while her sister is watching it from the couch, is a really good thing. I wonder when she will learn that no matter what, when a fight ensues like that, the television comes off and they will be forced to listen to Celtic Woman. (which I happen to love)


Red loves to read. I am constantly reminded of the comfort I felt as a kid, getting in bed with my reading light and a stack of books. I am blessed that my children love to do the same. She also writes in a journal, or what she titles “A Dy-eer-ie”. When she returned from her vacation with her dad recently, she handed me a new journal and said “Mommy, I wrote to you in my journal and tonight when I am sleeping, can you write back to me?” And so, we’ve been writing back and forth every day and night. I am shocked at the value and communication it brings up, not to mention her writing practice, which I find secondary to the connection we are making through it. Blue, who can write and read some words at age 5, is drawing me pictures in her journal and writing lists of things she knows like the names of family members and candy she likes.


Blue’s favorite music is still Bon Jovi and Coldplay. Red still prefers Miley Cyrus. I find that amusing for some reason, the difference between my two children.


I love the fact that since moving to the beach exactly three years ago last week, my girls have blossomed into free birds, unafraid to battle the waves in the ocean, roll themselves, wet in the sand as I did as a girl, and pick up dead things, even when they smell. I love that I did this for them. I did this for us. I wonder what else it has in store for us.


In the car on the way home from the beach…

Red to Blue: I see a bug on you.


Red: Right there! On your booster seat!

Blue: A BUG! I SEE A BUG!!!! MOMMY!!!!!!!

Me: Just brush it off, I can’t do anything when I am driving!

Blue (wimpering): Oooooh. I hate bugs, I wish there were never such thing as bugs.

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