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I’m on the verge of a breakdown.

I feel overwhelmed by possibilities.

By choices.

The emotions that go along with “change”.

Yes, I believe my personal computer is about to go.

I am seriously considering a Mac.

My first computer EVER was a Mac. Remember the gray laptops that Mac put out in the early 90s? My dad helped me buy one and I wrote a pretty “young” novel on it my Sophomore year in college. Among other things. My first email account, I attached a modem that was bigger than the laptop and dialed in.

There were no graphics on that Mac back in the 90s.


The thing is, for my work, I have a $1000 (at the time) Epson archival printer. I have an HP printer. I have a wireless router.

I pray pray pray they are compatible with the Mac.

Because even though I am faced the the choice, I think I will get the Mac.

As long as the printers are compatible.

Because there is no way in hell I am spending money on new printers.

The bad timing part is this:

My work mostly takes place September through the holidays. That’s where the money flows in. Majorly. I have approximately 6 shows lined up between now and then. Four one day shows. One two month show. One one month show. And then, I have the regular clients.

Problem is, I need a new computer NOW.

Steam gave me an old laptop that has also crashed.

My newish Seagate external back up hard drive has crashed. (or shall I say, is unreadable/usable on ANY computer I have hooked it up to)

I have never held a balance on my credit card. (note, I have ONE for personal and ONE for business that I always pay off every month)

But I will be holding a balance after tomorrow.

This afternoon, three hours before I am to head out to Boston for the night after dropping their girls off at their dad’s for four days…I turned on the water to take a shower.

It was cold.

So was the faucet.

So was the other faucet.

I went to the basement.

My water heater has died.

My plumber, who I am secretly in love with because he grows mutton chops and wears Carhardt overalls, came immediately.

He will install it tomorrow (seeing that I am leaving tonight, that works out fine!)

$1100.00 max.

Add that to the new computer, which is necessary for my work.


This is going to be one fucking expensive weekend.

I am trying not to panic.

And trying not to look online for a 40 hour a week job pushing papers, just so I can pay for it.

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