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There is a reason I am not a vegetarian.

My mother is a vegetarian.

Okay, that’s not the reason.

I love me a bacon cheeseburger. I love me a big slab of flank steak that I eat for dinner and then the next three breakfast’s, cold. I love me a Reuben Sandwich. I love me turkey at Thanksgiving and an occasional feast of crispy chicken skin.

When I was a kid, my mom, as she is now, was immersed completely in our religion and somewhere in there in the Bible, it told her not to eat the flesh of an animal. So, she tried hard to stop eating meat, which wasn’t easy considering that Jack-in-the-Box was at the bottom of our hill and she had difficulty resisting the drive-thru for a burger and fries.

So she became a vegetarian who ate an occasional burger.

A few years later, she somehow accomplished full vegetarianism and our meals consisted of bbq onions wrapped in a tortilla with sprouts, lettuce, broccoli and anything else that was growing in our garden. Oh yes, she would throw in some black or red beans.

I hated beans.

I just got an email from my sister who is kind of a vegetarian. She eats fish and occasional ribs. Yes, ribs. My sister is a “sometimes” vegetarian.

My stepmother is a vegetarian except she will eat two orders of bacon on any given morning. Extra crispy. Almost burnt. A vegetarian who eats occasional bacon. I am in awe.

Anyway, back to my sister. My sister makes up for some of the lack of meat eating by eating cheese, yogurt, beans, etc. Her email said to me “I’m almost a full on vegan!”

And I’m thinking “what else is there to eat?”

Not to mention “How on earth are you going to manage WITHOUT CHEESE?”

I love me some cheese.

Stinky cheese. Parmesan on food. Grilled cheese. Cheese and ham sandwich. Slices of cheese on crackers. Cheese melted on tortilla chips with onions. Cheese. Any cheese. Yes, ANY cheese.

I would die without meat and cheese.

Late last night in Boston, before heading back to our hotel, the show I went to at a private club party was over around 11pm.

I was famished.

I wanted nothing more than a double bacon cheeseburger and so we went walking around the city trying to find a place that was still serving dinner.

Ends up, where we were, everything was just all about drinks by that time and we ended up at Unos, where suddenly the hankering for a double bacon cheeseburger subsided and I suddenly wanted a chicken quesadilla.

Which I got, while others around me had salad.

And then there was a bottle of wine to be had.

And then chocolate dessert.

And then bed.

No vegetarian for me.

I woke up in the morning and we went out to breakfast, where I chose a sausage and spinach omlette.

And then went off shopping for my new Macbook Pro.

Yes, I got it.

Yes, I love it.

Now I’m just trying to figure the thing  out and I realize that I am thinking too hard and it is really quite easy. I’m learning all about it. We’re getting to know each other. I am unafraid.



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