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Dear Snackbar people, I can’t figure out why in the height of summer, you can’t hire at least one other person to run the snack shack. You see that line stretching out down near the beach? We’re all hungry. We want ice cream. We want chips. A hotdog! It’s like this every day and it is already August. Don’t you think you’d learn by now that you need one more person in the snack shack?


Dear Friends, Please stop trying to set me up with single men you know. Just because they are single and I am single, doesn’t mean we are right for each other. You know that guy you mentioned to me today? You described him and he sounds interesting and all but I can’t get past the fact that he has a ponytail. Um. Yeah. No. Would it be controlling if say, I did meet him, like him enough, started dating him and then asked him to cut the thing off? Probably.


Dear Apple help desk people, I paid three hundred and something to have free full reign of help desk help. When I called for help with my email set up because my mac address was sending but not receiving, you weren’t able to help me and sent me to online help. When I went to online help, the wait was 30 minutes. For my first time on a help system that is costing me over three hundred dollars, you suck. (but I still love my Mac!) My problem is still unresolved because I didn’t have 30 minutes to wait online. Maybe in the Fall.


Dear Dateman, I had a good time and appreciate that you don’t call me all the time and don’t push me into another date. Because of that, I want to see you again so I can laugh as hard as I did before.


Dear Ohio, I think about you every day. I have had to try to separate from what I felt for you and see the reality. And then I go back to feeling the same thing and know there is nothing I can do and just leave it there and move on with my day. Right now is really hard for you, I’ll bet, and that inside you are trying to be still and silent and breathing and perhaps you can hear it in your chest. I hope there is something that helps you or someone you are comfortable enough with to reach out to that will help or add some comfort. Know I am thinking about you every day and hear you in music, more than you know.


Dear Chef, I have no room and can’t think of talking to you because it will draw me back in to a place I don’t want to be. You were one of the greatest loves of my life and I adored you and wanted you. I learned the greatest things in being with you and find now, I am learning even more by not being with you. You didn’t love me, and I fell out of love with you in the end because of that. I can’t talk to you now.


Dear neighbors, Would you please stop letting your friends park in my parking spot? Give them yours. When I come home from the beach at the end of the day, I would like to park my car in the place that I pay for.


Dear Peet’s Coffee, I need you to go back on sale at the market this week so I can stock up again. Otherwise, I’ll have to go with a bag of Starbucks.

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Hazards and Blessings

There are some hazards to working for yerself. Yes. Like, this morning at 5am I woke up and finished a painting and needed to open a tube of yellow ochre and it was kind of dried and stuck so I used my teeth. Even after all the years (and one broken tooth) my mother told me “never use your teeth!”

So, now I have dried watercolor paint (yellow ochre) stuck in my teeth.

But I got the tube open!

Working from home is a blessing, especially when I can stop when I want and  be with my kids when they are home from school.

A hazard is that it sometimes always comes first and my children will sometimes yell “HEY MOMMY, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY WITH US?” or make comments about not snuggling enough. 

And another hazard is when I put it last. When at midnight, I am just sitting down to paint with my headphones. Or at five a.m. I wake up with a jolt and realize I can get work done before the girls get up at seven. And then I go get my coffee and end up reading the news on the internet for the next two hours instead.

But the blessings are greater. I love that I bring people into my home who not only get to see my work stacked in the corners and cabinets, but that they enjoy seeing that I live and work here. I love that I can work all day in my pajamas when the girls are away and that I can spread out and work in the living room with CNN on in the background, or music. And that I can stop and leave it to go for a run or coffee with a friend. I love that I can work here without a commute. With a full coffee pot nearby. Warmth and space and light.

Most of all, I love that my children can see me work. They stand next to me sometimes when I am painting and I let them sprinkle salt on some of the paintings that call for it. I’ve even had Red paint portions of the sky in a landscape. And the proud look on her face is immense.

Lately, I’ve had alot of people come by to look at my work, and thankfully some sales have come through from them. I am painting frantically now, along with marketing materials for a show in October, which are due to the gallery in about three weeks. And what am I doing? 


I am up late working. 

I am tired.

I feel stupid.

I have no structure to my days.

In three weeks, school starts and I will be grateful, despite the bittersweetness of it. Losing time with my kids but bringing back sanity and structure and time for work to bring in more income. That isn’t the goal in what I do but more like a sense of “balance” in everything in my life.

I have finished a ton of new little paintings for a holiday show in Newport, RI, I spent about six hours yesterday working on some of them. The rest of the time I spent creating marketing pieces for one of the other shows in November. I will post them when I get my camera in order. But for now, I finished “How Pomegranates Grow”, above. It’s 22×30 unframed watercolor. For more info, email me at movindowntheroad@gmail.com.

Off to paint now…it is in fact, nearing midnight.

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