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I was found out by Red. I thought she’d not notice if I ate about half her bag of tangerine flavored Jelly Bellies. Yes, my daughter chose that out of the bin recently. I love tangerine Jelly Bellies. Apparently, so does she. And apparently, she doesn’t forget how many are in the bag even after a week of not seeing them. So I kind of got in trouble.

Note to self: buy self candy. Do not raid children’s treat bags.

I packed the cooler for a day of kayaking with the girls and realized I needed to grocery shop.

What do do when there is no time and the cooler stands empty?

I looked at the door of the fridge and pulled out pickles and olives and peanut butter. I had some crackers. I had some cold pizza. Carrots. And lots of snacks.

So I just put it all in the cooler.

In the end, we stopped off at a fried fish shack. Problem solved and I avoided whining of “bad bad food that you give us, just to make us cry”. (seriously)

There’s nothing wrong with tamales and grapes for dinner, is there? Because that’s what I had for dinner. Or blueberry muffins and coleslaw? Really. The kids ate pickles and a hot dog on whole wheat toast.

I eventually went to the market and bought $139 worth of groceries. Sometimes, I come back with enough for a bunch of great meals. Other times, it is full of things to snack on or garnish a plate and I wonder what I was thinking in planning for the week.

I love to grocery shop.

Send me to the mall and I hyperventilate.

Send me to the market and I’m lovin’ it.

I love to put my change in the Coin star thing. I love to recycle my cans and bottles and get the coupon thing to use towards my groceries. I love perusing the sale aisle and comparison shop. I love the produce, especially the cilantro and onions. The cheese section is overwhelming so I just end up buying about three blocks of it and $20 later, am set for the week with cheese.

There is one thing I hate about the market.

The baggers.

They suck.

I take my own bags with me, they happen to be the Trader Joe’s ones. I love e’m. But when I shop at a different chain, it never fails. The baggers give me a hard time for using another store’s bags. One time, a bagger actually refused to put my groceries in the Trader Joe’s bags until the checker intervened.

It was a different experience at the bank today when I went to close my accounts. I have my small business account, my savings and checking accounts there. I recently moved stuff over to another bank. I went in to see my friend who has helped me with things there over the last 3 years. He’s awesome and friendly and doesn’t seem to mind my kids hiding under his desk and eating the candy in his top drawer when we are there. I whispered “I’ve come to close my accounts” and he said loudly “MAY I ASK WHY?”

My response? (because really, who fires their bank unless they have royally screwed up?)

My response was this, “Honestly, James, it’s because the bank I moved to is at the end of my street and they have a drive through atm AND a drive through teller (an actual person) from 6:30am-7pm every day! (including Sat and Sun)

He laughed and whispered back “I’d change too!”

Yesterday, I took the girls to the market with a small list. Something I don’t usually do is wait until I am out of butter to shop. Because, you know, if you have butter, you can pretty much make anything leftover taste good. But anyway, I was out of butter so I made a list and too them shopping and in the end I was breaking up their bickering, fighting over which side they would walk on, or where their hands would rest on the side of the cart. And then they were begging for marshmallows and Twinkies (never), Juicy Fruit gum and magazines with Hannah Montana on the cover. I felt like a schizophrenic trying to get past the geriatrics shopping in slow motion in the narrow aisles. In the end I came home with $79 worth of groceries, missing three vital items that were on my list, including the butter.

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