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A second installment of MY FAVORITE THINGS.

Favorites here at home, my favorites for different reasons…

Bowl of watercolor and gouache tubes. I dump them out when I am working on a huge painting and squeeze right onto the paper sometimes. And other times, I carefully fill each cup in my palette with appropriate colors. It depends on how spastic I feel at any given time. Sometimes I just run my fingers through the bowl.

Toasted English muffins with peanut butter and honey. At midnight.

19th century toolbox. Has two levels of trays. I use it for my sewing supplies. Bought in a local antique store and got a discount, merely because I asked.

A local textile place makes starfish throw pillows out of old white popcorn bedspreads. I love mine. It wasn’t cheap. But I love it.

Mermaid key hook. It’s where all the keys are suppose to go.

Bose ipod docking station. I couldn’t live without it. I can move it to my bedroom if I want. Or blast out the neighbors. We dance in the living room to this, it sounds like a stereo system in our tiny place.

We throw all our shells and sea glass in this big basket. Often the girls pull things out and make crafts with them. And then the basket fills up quickly afterwards. They sort the shells too, on rainy days and pretend it’s food with their tea sets.

This takes an adjustment to the smell but it feels good on my face and keeps it clean and balanced. Anything by Aveda, is a favorite.

Matt Kearney He’s hot. Oh, and I like his music too.

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