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Upon arriving home



Aside from a yeast infection that likely came from days of swimming at the cove and sitting around in a wet bathing suit and not drinking enough water (glad to know, aren’t ya?), we spent an amazing day at the big beach yesterday. I picked the girls up yesterday morning at their dad’s house and their squeals when I walked in the door reminded me a) how much I missed them and b) how loud it would be for the next two weeks with them home.

As suspected, the girls seems to have grown from summer babies to a certain level of maturity I am not used to. When I picked them up, their dad showed me a video of Red climbing a very large, tall tree. She was fitted with a harnass, attached to a rope and wearing a hard had.  I was quickly reminded of my own upbringing, rock climbing and backpacking and climbing things at a very young age. Watching the video, she was fearless, much like that recent time she ran to the snack bar at the beach on her own to buy her icecream. 

My impression of the week from them on the phone over the course of ten days was that it was effortless an easy for their dad. I’m not sure what I was thinking but when they spend their weekends with him, he always affirms that there were no challenges and I think to myself “great, they behave and get along with him for two days and come home and turn into monsters when they get back with me, what am I doing wrong?” And if I communicate any challenges the girls go through when they are with me, he looks at me as if I am crazy.

I have to say, I gloat a little after he has them for a week and he gets a little taste of the deep end. Not that I want that for my kids, to feel unrest or have tantrums or whine and complain, but I am glad for him to see that I’m not just sitting here eating bon bons and watching Oprah every day.

Their final night with their father was Sunday and they were back home in Boston and went to their grandparent’s house for dinner with their cousins. They have over a dozen cousins (yeah, baby-making family that thrives on chaos and children and manliness-proven-by-potent-sperm) and the stories they come home with are great, considering I have no cousins for them on my side of the family.

They are enthralled with their oldest cousin by far, she is nearing sixteen and often I hear “B didn’t come to the family dinner last night because she was sleeping.” And when I ask why she was sleeping, they respond “Because she’s a teenager.”

And then another time they may say “B drove Auntie and Uncle to church….because she’s a teenager.”

Yesterday, they got in the car and gave me the news.

Red: B was at dinner last night, and she has a BOYFRIEND.

Blue: Yeah, his name is JIMMY.

Red: We saw them kissing.

Blue: And it was pretty gross.

Red: And they both wear alot of black.

Blue: Yeah, ’cause they’re TEENAGERS.

Unfortunately, I totally know what they are talking about because the previous week I had passed B and her boyfriend on the road when I was dropping the girls at their dad’s. 

They aren’t just wearing black, but they are dressed in complete GOTH garb.


White faces.

Black eyeliner.

Black. Black. Black.




I remember B when she was my kids’ ages. And I look at Blue and Red, mortified at the thought of Red changing her hair color, adding black eyeliner (or any at all) to her face. Or Blue shaving her head and piercing her nose.

I shudder to think that they will be teenagers before I know it.

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