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New Work

How many times have I mentioned that I LOVE MY NEW MAC? Okay, yeah. So, I do. As much as I love toast. And that is alot. I love toast. I could live on it.

So, because I now have iweb, I decided that in the midst of the chaos in my work and shows coming up and life in general, I should redesign my website. Yes. So, I am. It is so easy in iweb but I make it difficult for myself as I over-think it, being a previous pc user. (sounds like drugs, doesn’t it?)

I have nothing more to say about it other than I love it and can’t wait to be done with it. I am getting a basic shell up with alot of new work. I will then slowly create a page for each piece as my old site has, but that will take a while. But soon, it will be transferred over to my mac site. I am excited!

I loaded these new paintings onto it already. So I am just going to put them on here for you to see. If you want more info on them, email me movindowntheroad@gmail.com.


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