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start of a new era

Today was the first day of school.

Two kids in school. Every day.

My life is forever changed.

I didn’t dance naked to Bon Jovi in the living room when I got home from dropping the girls off. Instead, I sat on the front stoop between my two flower pots with a cup of coffee, contemplating my next move.

I have wood to paint for the farmer’s market tomorrow.

The girls’ room is driving me nuts and some sleuth cleaning out needs to be done.

My car is disgustingly dirty from the summer sand, pollen and birds pooping from the telephone wire above where I park.

My own bed needs to be made.

Paperwork is piled up.

The bathroom could use a swish or two.

There are Polly Pockets scattered across the living room.

Laundry needs to be done from our last week of summer.

But instead, I strapped on my running shoes and plugged in my ipod and ran down to the cove with “Living on a Prayer”. It wasn’t exactly “dancing naked to Bon Jovi” but close enough.


Bon Jovi was still included in the first day of silence (school) for me. While running along the beach.

Blue’s first day of Kindergarten was an easy one in the morning. Because she’s been walking daily for two years to drop off and pick up her sister from elementary school, she’s a bit used to the trek and the idea behind school.

During breakfast today, she sighed and said “FINALLY! I don’t have to come home with you anymore after dropping Red at school!”

They posed before school, in front of the flower pots.

When they lined up for school in the playground to go inside, Red ignored me, but gave a flippant wave when she passed by, already too cool for Mom. Blue had a stoic look on her face, but it was more about absorbing her surroundings. She gave a little head nod as she passed. As if to say “see ya, I’m good”. I went home feeling a little weird about how easy it all went. But am glad. I am not sure what I expected. But it went so smoothly and without much transition. Same with the latter end of the day. 

They both loved it.

Blue came home and told me about her new friend, Clara.

Red came home and told me about the new boy “Josh”. (hmmmmm, you should have seen the smile on her face)

By the end of the day, I had gone running, washed my car, painted the wood for the farmer’s market and priced artwork. I’d cleaned the bathroom and picked up the Polly Pockets. I even did the laundry. I didn’t do everything, but I did an awful lot. 

Blue doesn’t have school the next two days because today was Kindergarten screening and they test the other half of the class tomorrow and then go over results on Friday. So Monday signifies the start of a daily ritual of her going to school with her sister. 

Monday is also the “mom’s who shoved the last duckling out of the nest” breakfast. A handful of us are heading out to breakfast that morning. I may actually order pancakes.

I ended the day with a long hot shower. The steam in the bathroom filled the bathroom and I breathed in deeply, realizing it is the beginning of an era. An era of my children being in school, working hard, assuming responsibility and I am there to continue to guide them. I also realize that I can structure my day differently, I can compartmentalize what I need to do, be it work, working out, cleaning, errands, being completely present with my children, or just rest and be still and quiet.

When I got out of the shower, before I put on my clothes, I did a little dance. Just so I could say I danced naked today. (sorry, no picture)

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