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Family Night at the Piano Bar

Last Friday night, when Piano Man started work at eight, the girls and I went down the street and heard him play for a while.

I even took my mom. 

I don’t think I have ever seen my mom in a bar.


It was really really weird.

My girls sat at the piano with their child sized cups of milk and orange juice and watched his hands as he played, watched him sing. They were wide-eyed. From 8-9 pm, is mostly families in the piano bar, so having children around the bar was actually quite normal.  In the end, I sang a few for the girls and then Piano Man looked panicked when the little one requested something from “The Sound of Music”.

So, being the mom that I am, I got up there and sang “Edellweiss”, without music, the way I do at night to them, over the microphone. It was pretty amazing for them. I sing to them every night and we sing in the car, but they had never seen me sing with a microphone or to a piano.

The next night, the girls had their end of summer sleepover at my mother’s house. Piano Man was invited by D through me, to join me at the family BBQ. It was the first social environment with Piano Man and even though this is very new, it seemed great to take him along. I was a little nervous only because I have never been to D’s gathering, bringing a date. Others do. But I haven’t.

When we got there, it was just us and we sat and had a drink with D and Kat and my friends got to know him. One of the things Kat whispered when I came in was “You’ve never wanted to bring someone before!” Which is true. It was endearing because we’d all three been watching the piano man since the beginning of the previous summer and it wasn’t until this year that we actually met him.

When the rest of D’s family and few friends arrived, piano man was already trying out D’s piano, which sat in the middle of the main living space, where the party was. Piano to him is like breathing and I realized he’s probably most comfortable sitting at one. D was thrilled, as were the rest of the crowd. He played old classics because most of the crowd was over 60. He played a handful of songs and then we stopped and ate and hung around the rooftop deck.

D’s 85 year old auntie was thrilled that I’d brought someone along. Even moreso, she was thrilled with his talent. And then she asked if I would sing before the end of the night. 

After a few drinks, before piano man had to leave for work, I stood by the piano and sang while he played. The hilarious part was that everyone got out their cameras and took a ton of photos. Of me. Singing. Next to piano man. It was hilarious but touching, all at the same time.

Since moving to this town, D and his friends and family have kind of become my “crowd”. In a family sort of way. It is really quite unique. And bringing Piano Man with me felt natural and easy from both sides.

At the end of the night, the 85 year old auntie, came up to me and asked if I had heard of a particular older gentleman who used to play at the same piano bar as my piano man, only, it was about 50 years ago. She talked about him fondly and said my Piano Man reminded me of her friend.

Later on, I mentioned it to D and he smiled and said “Oh yes. They were sweethearts. She dated the piano man at the time, back then.”

It still makes me smile and shiver a little.

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