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When I am tired, I start picking the Chex out of the Chex Mix.

And eat icecream sandwiches.

And licorice.

And do absolutely nothing but pray my children go to sleep asap so I can turn on the television and watch drivel .

And in the end, I end up working or paying bills or something. (the digital video recorder is getting filled up) My work is fun and something I love, but sometimes I just don’t want to think about it.

I was asked by the elementary school if I could do something with a big boarded up window in the girls’ bathroom. So today I spent four hours painting a “window”.  I’ll have photos soon, as I forgot my camera. I finish up details in the morning after dropping the girls off.

When I was at a stopping point, I came home and went for a walk. It was warm and sunny, but when I went out further towards the point, I found myself walking into the fog. And I felt kind of sad. I feel guilty for wanting school to be in session, which means summer ends and cold arrives. Less sun. More inside time. 

I’ve been half ignoring the fact that Piano Man’s time for his summer gig here is nearing end in a few weeks and then he goes away for a winter gig. But walking into the fog made me think of it and feel sad about it. Granted, I am one for space and enjoying my time alone and alone with the girls, but I just damn like to have him around. When I turned around and walked home, back into the sunny areas, he called me on my phone and it reminded me that I got something good, no matter how long it lasts. And to have him be away, is a good test. For both of us. 

I have another eight paintings to do before the 3rd, when I hang my art show. I’ve done other things than tackle them. I cleaned my house, made apple pound cake, walked alot, played gamed with the kids and slept. 

My website is currently down as I am changing hosts. But since the host switch over isn’t complete for 72 hours, I have to wait until tomorrow to call the mac people because it is also giving me a password prompt for the site I designed in iweb. A password I didn’t set up and can’t find anywhere in my preferences.

To top it off, I was online with their help people, with APPLE HELP PEOPLE FOR MOBILE ME, and nothing was resolved. The guy was nice and gave me a bunch of troubleshooting things to do, which didn’t work. So now I am back to square one. First, I am going to wait for those 72 hours to be done. Then I am going on a rampage online with the online help people…watch out, to the next online help person who gets me. I am super annoyed. My only complaint about this awesome Mac.

The bummer is that the invitations to my October 5th art show and reception, has my website on it. So people who are getting that invite this week, well, can’t see my site.

That’s called GREAT PLANNING!

So this is me exhausted today.

Nothing more to say.

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