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On Thursday, we came home from school and Red went right to the arts and crafts closet, took out Elmer’s Glue and glitter, went to the kitchen cupboard and brought out my favorite mixing bowl. She filled it with water and then before I knew it, she was squeezing an entire bottle of white glue into the water, which filled my favorite mixing bowl. And then sprinkled some glitter in it.

I am still scrubbing it clean.

The next day, as I said in my earlier post, I was more than glad for a breather from the girls as the week was filled with fights, tantrums and mixing concoctions that involve sticky things, like glue and syrup and tape. And much to my chagrin, they found the three hole puncher, which resulted in tiny white dots all over the living room floor, right before a client was to arrive to look through some work.

Friday evening at the piano bar, the night began with just twelve of us around the piano. I don’t usually sit so close to Piano Man, even though he likes it when I do. I save that space for the big tippers on a busier night. But on slow nights, I sit right next to him. Half way through the night, a man I’ll call “Spooky Man”, came in and sat near me. I felt his stare for the first hour and turned my back a bit so that I wasn’t facing him. By the end of the night, he was sitting next to me, leaning into me, drunk, with a wedding band on his finger, talking about what he thought my passions in life might be. It was ridiculous, obnoxious, and I had no where to go where I wouldn’t be obviously escaping his company. I didn’t know anyone else in there that night and short of sitting at a table way in the back, by myself, I was safest on the stool between Piano Man and Spooky Man, believe it or not.

By the end of the night, I was tense and stressed out and frustrated. I sang a ton, Piano Man kept handing me the mic and it helped me escape from Spooky Man. Unfortunately, his creepy stare when I was singing, didn’t help the situation, but at least he wasn’t leaning into me anymore.

When the music ended for the night, I stood right up from the stool and moved next to Piano Man, to show that I was obviously with him, and we went down the road to another place that had a band playing. He turned to me and goes “Oh my god, I am so sorry about that guy!” He’d known all along he guy wasn’t leaving me alone and was keeping an eye on him to be sure he didn’t cross a more evident boundary.

Saturday proved to be a good day for sleeping in, going to breakfast and then getting back in bed for most of the day with movies and sleep and well, bed. Another night at the piano bar with D and his family and friends proved to be a blast and filled with solos and duets and wine and the feeling of Summer being gone and Fall arrived, ready for toasty coziness to come.

The weekend ended with a drive to Boston with Piano Man. We gained a day together where he didn’t need to go back home right away, due to his buying us Randy Newman tickets, who was playing at Symphony Hall. I got some piano-man-ness experience by going with him to a big music store where he shopped for some components for his performing out of country this winter. I loved it. I felt like I was in another world, a world he knew that I didn’t know. At all. He seemed more brilliant to me than ever, going in a place like that, a place that resembles an art supply store for me.

Randy Newman wrote many more songs than I realized. The stage was just the piano and Newman and the lyrics are hysterical in many, sentimental and beautiful in others, mean in some. “Short People” cracked me up, I had never heard it word for word, really. “I Love L.A.”, of course was something I could sing word for word because it hit the music video scene right when I was finally allowed to watch it, while growing up in Los Angeles. And when “You Can Leave Your Hat On” came on, I was quickly reminded of Joe Cocker singing it on the soundtrack to “9 1/2 weeks” , which I watched against my mother’s wishes when I was younger, while  I was babysitting for a family who had cable. (really) My favorite was “Feels Like Home” and is already downloaded onto my itunes.

All around was a great weekend, but the best of all was going to bed together on Sunday night and falling asleep with him next to me. Waking up at 3 in the morning to him lying there awake, we had a heartfelt conversation for an hour, one that I feel was a total gift, for both of us.


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