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Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy…thank GOODNESS I’m not FORTY. (I say that just because it rhymed)

Lordy, please let me get through the next ten days without getting my head unscrewed. Let me finish the last few paintings on time and be happy with them. Let me varnish them without killing myself  or at least passing out and let me hang with delicacy so nothing falls and breaks.

Let me have a decent turnout and sell lots.

I know that what I do is more about DOING it than making a buck. I am a fortunate single mum who gets to be home with the kids when they are home and paint in all her spare time, whenever she wants, and make money at it.

But this year. Please, LORDY, let this stuff sell so I can pay off my new(ish) Mac. It’s a need, not a want.

Give me the courage to plow through the three other arts events between now and Christmas, so that I don’t meltdown or screw something up.

Now, speaking of “wants”…I want to go out of country to see Piano Man for a week in December. And again in February.

So, dammit, Lordy, make people want to buy art and make them want to buy it now.

Lordy, I am not wishing life away, but I dream of January once in a while, so I can get caught up on my Oprahs.

I hope exhusband…I mean, the girls’ father, gets off my back and stays off my back.

And a light winter so I can keep walking and have sun and not shovel snow.

Let me have the patience and strength when Piano Man is away, to go with the flow and feel okay. And sell lots of work so I can pay for the ridiculously expensive flight to go see him. Even though he says he wants to fly me there. On his bill. That’s amazing. But not okay with me.

Please bring him back.

Lordy, please let this excema on my arms go away. I hate it. Steroid cream is not only expensive but doesn’t seem to be working. Excema is JUST-NOT-SEXY.

Lordy, please keep my sis safe. It’s taken her years to get preggers and now she is and she has only told me and her husband and her doctor, it’s very early. May it stick and be healthy and good for her. Give me the strength to know what to say when she calls me in the middle of the night with a screaming nursing baby and cracked nipples.

May I get through the winter without anxiety, depression, gaining weight or acne.

May my girls continue to talk to me every day after school, during breakfast, at bedtime, on the weekends, on the phone when they are with their dad, so I know what they are thinking, wanting and needing. May they continue to get along and be respectful to each other, me and everyone else around them. And be creative and make stuff and explore and express.

Let them know how to be happy, no matter what.

Let us all stay safe, feel safe and continue to live each day through love.


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