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Chopped Liver

My friend, Kat, texted me this evening and asked after our weekend. It rained here for three fucking days. (did I mention that?) THREE DAYS.

I had the girls and the place where Piano Man plays, closed up because the storm was so bad and business was nil.

So, I invited him over for dinner on Friday night.

Um. And Saturday.

Seeing that the girls already know him, they jumped on him the moment he walked in the door. 

Basically, when he’s around, I am chopped liver.

BUT, when he’s around, they apparently try new foods. They get along. They remain transfixed on him.

In answer to Kat’s question, I responded, “I cooked alot, I baked, we played board games…every board game we know, and Piano Man slept on the couch on Friday night.”


Well, I was upset about something later on that evening, I haven’t been sleeping much lately, unless he’s been in my bed, which means, ever other weekend, when the girls are gone. So he said “I’m staying on the couch tonight, I’ll be right here”.

And so he was.

The next morning, it was all about “He slept on the couch! He’s still here! He slept on the couch!”

And well into the next day.

When their dad picked them up for their Sunday overnight, it was “Piano Man slept over!”

Heh heh. 

I didn’t explain on purpose.

At the end of my conversation with Kat, she asked “What do the girls think of the two of you together?”

(because as we well know, they aren’t completely stupid, plus, the previous week, he asked Red’s permission to cuddle with me on the couch…her reply was “only if I can snuggle too”)

My response to Kat was honest and clear and real.

“I think they know and like how peaceful he helps me be.”

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