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new haircut photos

I had my hair cut the other day. The last time she cut it was in July and gave me this great sassy cut.

This time, she made the bangs a bit short (I-HATE-BANGS comes from my being a kid and always “growing out my bangs” and I swore to never do it again, but she chopped my bangs)

On ichat with Piano Man tonight, he looked at me and said “I love your new hair. You look like a pixie. But don’t worry, in a few weeks, you’ll look sassy again.”

What’s funny is that I want to be sassy. I don’t want to be a pixie. A pixie is cute. Sassy is more on the more attractive side of things for me, more womanly and sharp and strong and fun. But the fact that he likes the pixie thing for now, with anticipation for sassy, well, makes me feel okay about the damn bangs.

I took a photo for my sister and sent it to her. It came out kind of funny because of the flash and I was sitting on the stairs, but now I kind of like the photo. I sent it to Piano Man who decided to take it upon himself to do a little artistic stuff to it. And then he sent it back.

Here you go. The first is the overexposed one that I took of myself. The second is his doctored up one. It’s amazing what some iphoto settings can do…it turned me into “sassy”.


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