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I am going to start calling Piano Man, “J” for now on. 

Mainly because although he is a piano man, he is other things too.

Plus, I am tired of the song “Piano Man.” I got tired of it about twenty years ago.

We tend to shower with each other, and the other night we were soaping up and talking about the day and he soaped me and I soaped him and he hands me the soap and goes “And look! I didn’t leave any pubes on your soap!”

Yes, we’re getting mighty comfortable with each other.

On Saturday night, he gave up his piano bar gig for a bigger one time gig about an hour and a half away. I stayed home and worked and visited with an old college friend who was passing through town.

Knowing he was coming back late that night to stay with me, I thought about leaving the door unlocked, as I do often anyway when he calls to say he is almost here. I thought about making sure I was up in time for him to call me so I could go unlock the door for him to come in.

And then I did something I never did before with anyone.

Never. Ever.

Not even when I was twenty.

Not with the man I dated who became my husband (and then divorced). 

I gave him a key.

And I told him to keep it.

And I didn’t panic.

I don’t feel my safety is at stake as I have with others (the reason I never gave out my key before).

It felt normal to hand it over.

I’m 35 and just gave a man a key to my house for the first time, ever.

We’re getting mighty comfortable here.


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