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Wonderbra…oh not so wonderful

As I was getting dressed this morning, and putting on my bra, I started to laugh, thinking about last Saturday evening. It was J’s last night playing at the piano bar for the season.  It was lovely and full of fans and friends and people who have known and loved him. We ate dinner, spontaneously, at a bistro near my house, owned by some friends of mine. He wouldn’t let me pay which drove me nuts, I wanted to celebrate the end of the season for him, a “congrats”. He doesn’t “like me to use my credit card”. Well, the reason I use my credit card is because I never have cash on me. Unlike him, who often works for tips. 

At last minute, I dug up a notebook for him to take with him as a sort of “guest book” for folks to put their names and phone numbers and email addresses, to keep in touch during the winter, or to get back in touch with in the Spring. 

In the end, I saw a flash of the book’s pages…they not only had names and contact information, but people wrote notes to him…like a yearbook, through the pages of the book. I choked up at the time and thought people put into it and it was a testament to what he does for the place where he works. A testament to the kind of man he is, personality, talent, wonderfulness.

By the end of the night, he’d had three whiskeys…he generally sips only one, if even that. Me? I’d had about four beers. So in the end, we went home a little spent.

He came towards me in my kitchen, gesturing romantically (etc) and reached for my breasts…

…he pulled back and gasped.





He wasn’t so taken with the feel of the padded push up Wonderbra.

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