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Thirty-six hours in NYC is just NOT enough.

First, J and I left town Thursday morning and drove to Sacaucus, NJ, where we got an AFFORDABLE hotel. It was SO easy to get into the city, but best of all, the hotel was so great, best hotel I have stayed in in a long long time.

And why do I say that?

Well, I felt I could actually walk barefoot on the floor.

The bathtub caulking was WHITE.

The shower curtain was WHITE.

And there was a Starbucks cart down in the lobby.

What more could you want?


You don’t get that if you stay IN New York city.

I’ve been to NYC many many times but the last time was about 6 years ago. Before that, I would go see friends and follow them around a city they knew like the back of their hand. Interestingly, I didn’t have to navigate myself through because J is a natural at it. He’d never really spent much time there but he totally got it and figured out where we were going and how to get there, efficiently and without getting mugged. (actually, I felt incredibly safe in the city aside from getting practically accosted by the people selling comedy club seats out on the sidewalk of Time’s Square, THAT was scary).

On Thursday night, we ventured down a road that someone suggested, to find some live music. When we arrived to the neighborhood, I was like “oh wow, this is coooooool.”

I mostly noticed that at eleven o’clock at night, there were places open still. And some, most importantly a pie shop, were open 24 hours.  Oh, to get pie in the middle of the night, would be wondrous.

And then realized we were in Greenwich Village. It’s my new favorite place that I want to go back to, and not just because of the pie. And as I said before, 36 hours in NYC is just not enough.

We got home late on Friday night and the girls were sleeping at my mother’s house. As we got into bed, I looked over on the nightstand and picked up the new DenTek Nightguard I bought last month at the drugstore. I had boiled it and fit it and put it by my bed. I picked it up and showed it to J and said, “I got this night guard because I’m cracking my teeth from clenching my jaw at night, but I haven’t used this yet.” 

And it got me wondering, why I hadn’t tried it out yet.

But that was not the night. A night guard just-ain’t-sexy with J in bed with me.


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