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Some conversations…

Driving in the car with J and the girls. Red pipes up from the back seat, “Hey! We’re kind of like a family!”


J says to me a while ago, when we first met, “You’re way smart. You’re much smarter than me! And I’m not that smart!”


Upon waking at J’s house at 5am to two alarms (we were scared we wouldn’t wake up to one, since I had to be on the road to get the girls and take them to school)…we scramble to turn off the two alarms and suddenly hear more high pitched noise. His cat was plucking the strings of J’s guitar. He WOULD have a cat that plays the guitar. He said, in the midst of the early morning groggy confusion of noise, “And now Cat’s gonna play us a song!”


I was looking at the wall of photos at J’s mum’s house. There was one of him at age 18 with a moustache. I couldn’t help but snicker. Even funnier, he let me know it was his senior portrait in 1980. He was a senior in high school when I was in first grade. Yeah. Scary.  11 years isn’t so bad at this age. But back then? Yikes. 

At Blockbuster the other day, he had forgotten his card, so they used his license. I checked out his picture and blurted out, “HEY! YOU WERE BORN IN THE 60s!!!!”

The line behind us snickered.



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