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When my sister and I were around 6 and 8, we’d return home from the beach and want to quickly take a shower. So we’d go get in the shower at the same time. One would get wet, the other would soap and when it was time to “change” we’d yell “CHANGE!!!” and switch places to rinse and then be done.

This ended quickly when we started fighting about the temperature of the water.

Okay, so a few weeks ago I got a comment on my blog and discovered she was a local blogger.

A great writer, talented. I emailed her and asked her to please keep my link private so I can continue to write candidly and to keep the privacy for me and J, since I tend to put everything out there.

(if you live here, you can figure out how local I am and even figure out who I am and who J is).

So, she was super nice and said “sure, I totally understand, I love your blog…” etc etc.

Well, about a week later, I started seeing stats from my town and surrounding towns of people reading my blog. 

I dug further into my stats, which I look at rarely, and saw the referrer was our town’s online forum.


Yes it was.


So, I recognized that it was this same lady on the forum, who I think just wasn’t thinking and didn’t mean anything by it. The discussion online was about local bloggers and blogs that the people liked reading and she posted “I love this blog, I read it every day” and then put the link to my blog on there.

So, ta da.

After seeing that someone local was on my blog last night for about two hours, reading every post I ever posted, well, I made a quick switch.

Thank you WordPress for making it so easy.

It helps that I am sicker than a dog at the moment and have the time to do this.


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New routine


I remember when our bedtime changed from 7:30 to 8:00 pm like it was yesterday. I was about eleven years old. Seriously. That would make my sister, well, almost fourteen.

Little House on the Prairie started being on at 7pm on Wednesdays nights and for a while we were allowed to watch it but had to go to bed halfway through.

This is before the Tivo days, people.

We finally gathered the courage to beg our not-so-flexible mother to let us stay up until 8, at least on Wednesdays.

And our wish was granted.

Red and Blue have had lights out at 7:30 for quite some time now. Blue tends to fall asleep right away but Red has been coming out and wandering the halls, checking to see what I’m up to, finding an excuse to stall.

And then I caught her crouched in the corner of the room, reading her book by a very dim nightlight.

So, a few days later, I bought them each a small reading light for beside their beds.

Bedtime is so much easier. Quieter. Less stalling. We read together out loud for about 45 minutes and then at 7:15, they read to themselves until lights out at 8. 

And then Mama has a bit of silence.

But greatest of all, I know my kids are enjoying what I loved growing up as a kid, and what I still experience, getting in bed at 8 during the season where I’m not working at night (winter) and reading a good book in a mere few days. 

Tonight when I went to turn out their lights after their reading time, Blue said to me, “Mommy, I know how to spell ‘yellow’.” 

And then she spelled it.

And she spelled “P-E-A-C-E”.

You can never have too much reading.

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